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FAQ's | Atlantic In-Home Care

What ages do you serve?

We refer Care Provider for adult care. Clients range in age from 18 to 99!

What distinguishes you from other home health providers?

We are relentlessly focused on customer service. We pride ourselves on clear and constant communication with the client, client’s relatives, case managers, and the payers (often insurance companies). We regularly receive referrals from other companies that failed to cover all of their client’s needed services. We have a system to offer cases to Care Provider for short term visits. We have an automated system to jump into action and fill cases at a moment’s notice.

What if I am not satisfied with my caregiver?

We understand that circumstances may arise that may cause you to want to change your Care Provider. If this should occur, contact our office immediately and our staff will promptly find a better match for you. It’s always up to you which Care Provider you prefer.

Is your staff bilingual?

Our office staff speaks Spanish and French Creole, and we refer caregivers who speak Spanish and French Creole as well.

Do you serve clients with dementia?

Yes, some of our Care Provider have specific dementia training and experience. Should you or your loved one have dementia, or other mental disabilities, we will recruit the appropriate caregiver for your needs.

What is the screening process for the Care Provider that are referred out?

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards in screening and hiring of both skilled and non-skilled Care Provider. We verify all licenses and references; we check legal status and conduct a Level II and local background screening on all applicants. We maintain high ethical work standards and strictly adhere to all state and federal regulations governing our industry including compliance with all Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requirements. Many of our Care Provider meet the stricter requirements of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) as well.

In the event of a natural disaster or an emergency, is there a plan to provide care?

Yes, we have a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which is reviewed each year.  In addition, we work closely with local authorities to ensure our patients are prepared before, during, and after a natural disaster or emergency.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept private pay insurance as well as Florida Medicaid Long Term Care (LTC) plans administered by Florida Community Care and Sunshine Healthcare plan. We take referrals from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, and also accept the VA Aid & Attendance program benefits.

What liability insurance do you have?

All caregivers are independent contractors with professional liability insurance.

How can I pay for home health services?

Clients can use their long term care insurance benefits, some Veterans Administration benefits, personal funds (paid monthly in advance) or — if eligible — Florida Medicaid Long Term Care (LTC) funds. Services may include nursing and non-medical personal care. Payments can be made by check or bank draft.

What are the rates charged for caregivers?

Rates vary depending on the level of care and complexity of the case, as well as your choice of a caregiver. A qualified healthcare professional will meet with you and provide an evaluation to determine your needs, and at that time provide you with the estimated rates.

Service Questions | Atlantic In-Home Care

What services will I need?

You will need to consult with your doctor who will determine what services you will need based on your medical condition. For Private Duty, we will have one of our healthcare professionals perform an initial evaluation to determine which home care services you or your loved one will need. Please refer to our services page for more details on what is offered.

May I meet the caregiver before I begin home healthcare services?

Yes. Upon request, you may meet prospective caregivers and/or healthcare professionals before services are initiated. We are very diligent during our screening process so we’re confident we’ll find a perfect match for you or your loved one.

What is the difference between Long Term Care and Private Home Care?

Private Homecare, sometimes referred to as Private Duty, are private payments for home care services billed directly to the patient.  There are services that could also be paid by private insurance policies.

Long Term Care policies cover assistance that can be from a few hours, up to 24 hours a day.   Some Medicaid recipients qualify for Long Term Care coverage. Some individuals may also have private Long Term Care insurance policies that cover non-medical homecare services such as personal care, companions, homemaking, and respite care.

We can help you determine which services you are currently eligible for, and if you qualify to enroll for any of these benefits.

Do you provide house cleaning services?

We do not offer professional house deep cleaning services. Our referred caregivers can provide light housekeeping services; check out our Homemaking Care services.

How many hours a week of service will I need?

We have the capacity to provide up to 24 hours of care, 7 days a week, if it is medically necessary and approved by your plan. If your care is private pay, this will be determined at the time of your initial evaluation.  If you are a Medicaid recipient, we must check your eligibility. Either way, we’ll facilitate the care arrangement between you and your caregiver to fit your needs.

When can I start care?

Medically-necessary services may be initiated after receipt of a physician’s order and/or insurance authorization.  Many insurance companies require prior authorization before services can begin. Certain paperwork is also required by the State to be completed before services may be initiated. Once the required documentation is completed we can commence immediately. This process usually takes 24 – 72 hours.

How do I know that the caregiver will show up on time and stay the entire time at my parents home?

We use a reliable electronic clock-in system, which uses GPS navigation to locate where the Care Provider is clocking in from. We can provide statistics to show exactly what time the Care Provider clocked in, and out.  

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we have referred caregivers who can provide transportation in their personal vehicles or in the client’s car. If you require a vehicle that is easy to enter (not a truck or SUV), we can facilitate that service.

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