Summertime at Atlantic In-Home Care

Summer is fast approaching and here in Florida, that means it’s about to heat up. Seniors like your loved ones may be affected more by the summer heat than by the ice and cold of the winter. The winter may be depressing, but the heat may be oppressive, causing dehydration which can lead to devastating illnesses. However, we at Atlantic In-Home Care have some suggestions to help your loved ones beat the heat with the assistance of a referred personal care aide.

The summer heat readily attacks the elderly. You may have noticed that your loved one does not sweat as you do, or like they once did. As they age, they may not notice the heat like they notice the cold. Since they are not aware of the heat, they are also not in tune with their body. Dehydration can lead to a rise in internal body temperatures which causes heat stroke. Other heat-related issues may include the kidneys shutting down due to a lack of fluid intake. It is crucial that your loved one is drinking water or Gatorade to maintain their electrolyte levels. Having a personal care aide to assist your loved one during the hot, sweltering months of the summer may be helpful.

Summertime is a perfect time for them to be outside. However, choosing the right time of day and being prepared for the elements is just as important. When your loved one goes outside, they should be dressed appropriately in cotton clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Light colors will reflect the heat. They should also cover their arms and legs to protect them from the direct sun and UV rays that can cause burns and potential skin cancer. When spending summer hours outdoors, experts suggest carrying a water bottle for your parent to remain hydrated. The water from the bottle can be sprinkled on their skin to help cool them off as well.

 A personal care aide can be a great companion when weathering tough days in the sun. They can also help ensure your loved one stays cool and hydrated on scorching summer days and prepare light summer meals when they’re hungry. Personal care aides can supply essential home care services throughout the year. Some of the services that can help during the summer include:

  • Adjusting the air conditioner and area fans to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Assisting your loved one to cooler climates or rooms.
  • Shopping for groceries and preparing meals.
  • Making sure your loved one is drinking plenty of water.
  • Helping them with bathing and dressing.
  • Supervising them as they exercise or engage in strenuous activities.
  • Monitoring their health and comfort and keeping family informed of all developments.

At Atlantic In-Home Care, safety is our priority. We refer personal care aides to assist your loved ones with all their needs and help them live to the fullest within their own homes. For more tips on how to help your loved one beat the heat this summer, the Coalition of Aging is a valuable resource for all things senior health-related.

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