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We are so grateful for this detailed review. We try hard to provide terrific service from the first phone call until the right caregiver is matched and in service. It makes our hearts soar to know we bring clients and their families peace of mind with in home care, for more Atlantic In-Home Care Testimonials Click Here.

December 23, 2021, M. Schutt, Port St Lucie, FL

Atlantic In-Home Care was truly Heaven sent for the care of my elderly parents. From the day I placed the phone call to inquire about home care for my parents this summer up until now, it’s all been a very pleasant experience. The decision to start home care for my parents was new and overwhelming. I absolutely had no idea what to expect. I had received input from friends and family about their own experience with other home care services which were not necessarily positive; I did my research online and saw the very positive reviews with Atlantic In Home Care and decided to give them a try. I made the first call to Atlantic In Home Care in early July while in Washington, D.C. My parents live in Florida. The young lady who answered was very pleasant. Kerri Johnson, the Director returned my call promptly and it’s been nothing but a positive experience since this summer. Kerri and Nanide, her assistant were very caring and attentive to our needs. They arrived on time for the appointment scheduled and gave us the particulars of the company. I was very impressed by Kerri and her staff resourcefulness. I was also comforted to know that Atlantic In Home Care had direct contact with my parents physician and can be contacted for any medical concerns about my parents (and of course with my parents consent) The Home Care Aide, Kathy, has been a delight. My parents can be difficult and they absolutely love her. The staff who handle the financials have also been very thorough. I had been receiving the invoices detailing hours and amount charged every week and on time and have had no issues whatsoever. My siblings and I are very much at peace to know that my parents are VERY well taken care of. It’s been a few months and I have had NO complaints. THANK YOU Atlantic In-Home Care! You are truly the best!

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