Clean Beaches Week | July 1-7

Atlantic In-Home Care celebrates Clean Beaches Week, the “Earth Day” for beaches.

Held annually from July 1-7, it is a celebration of the clean beaches lifestyle. Founded in 2003, the week has drawn enormous public support: over 150 coastal governors, mayors, and county commissions have now issued proclamations in support of the week. In 2007, both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed resolutions enacting the week by unanimous consent.

The Clean Beaches Coalition is urging beach goers young and old, to apply 8 simple reminders at the shore:

1. Leave no trace (what you carry in, carry out)
2. Move your body (walk, run or swim)
3. Don’t tread the dunes (use a walkover or walk-thru)
4. Know your limits (swim, surf and boat safely)
5. You are what you eat (eat healthy seafood)
6. Feed your mind (read a book)
7. Respect the Ocean (riptides, storms, natural resources)
8. Mind your space (observe social distancing)

What it’s all About
We envision Clean Beaches Week as a seven-day celebration recognizing and embracing the importance of clean beaches. We have developed four initial themes that highlight the importance of beaches to all Americans:

​Environment: The 4th of July is the biggest beach visitation day in America – and the MOST LITTERED. During this Week, the public will be strongly urged to “leave no trace” of litter, only footprints at the beach.

Dining: The American Heart Association recommends that all Americans eat seafood at least twice a week. During this week, Americans will be encouraged to have a healthy meal everyday during their visit to the beach.

Recreation: More than 180 million Americans visit the beach each year. During this week, the public will be urged to get out and get active everyday by playing, surfing, fishing, walking or reading during their beach visit.

Travel: Each year Americans make 2 billion visits to ocean, gulf, and inland beaches. During this week, the public will be encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint though energy efficiency, conservation, carpooling, walking and other green activities.

Get Involved
Organizations, individuals, and communities have several opportunities to support Clean Beaches Week. Contact us below for details.

To learn about sponsorship and licensing opportunities, complete the contact form below.

Coastal Corps (TM)
Coastal Corps is a volunteer service program to protect clean and safe beaches. The Coastal Corps Volunteers Network promotes activities and events that have a significant impact on meeting the sustainability needs of coastal communities.

Trek for the Coast (TM)
Trek for the Coast is an innovative environment, health and fitness event for the coast. The Trek promotes coastal stewardship by physically engaging the public through running, walking, swimming, surfing, or other non-invasive fitness events and activities.

About Clean Beaches Council (TM)
For nearly a decade, CBC successfully delivered its message promoting clean beaches to over 100 million Americans through television, radio, and print media coverage. CBC has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Parade Magazine, Organic Style, Fox News, C-SPAN, The Weather Channel, CBS Radio, ABC Radio, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and National Public Radio to name a few.

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