Help Caregivers Exposed to COVID-19

Atlantic In-Home Care has 3 independent contractor caregivers who have been exposed to one client who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The St Lucie County Health Department has quarantined these 3 caregivers for two weeks. Their names are Beverly L., Neresa R., and Roselene I. They have no recourse for compensation during this quarantine so we are raising funds to help take care of them. Their average earnings from client home health care is $321, $425 & $706 per week. Two weeks would be $2904. They need this money now for the necessities of life. Home Health Caregivers take significant risk of exposure by entering people’s homes to take care of their personal needs and these 3 women have taken that risk and are now in need of assistance. Whatever funds are raised from this campaign will be given proportionally to the 3 caregivers. Thank you.

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