National Senior Health & Fitness Day May 27


Put on your sneakers for National Senior Health & Fitness Day.  On the last Wednesday in May each year, approximately 100,000 senior adults will participate in activities across the United States for this national observance.

Many organizations offer special events especially for seniors:

  • Banks
  • Health Clubs
  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Houses of Worship
  • Hospitals
  • Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Park & Recreation Departments
  • Retirement Committee’s
  • Senior Centers
  • State/Local/Aging Departments

Seniors benefit in numerous ways from physical activity. Exercises can be done at home, a community pool, or a local center. And seniors aren’t limited to just one type of exercise either. There are many to choose from. And many activities can be modified to fit any limitations. Yoga, walking, and swimming are all low impact routines that offer a range of benefits late in life and for all abilities. Some of the benefits include:

  • reduce fall risk and increase the ability to live independently
  • maintain strength, healthy joints, and muscles
  • helps reduce or control blood pressure
  • reduces the risk of colon cancer and diabetes
  • eases symptoms of anxiety
  • offers community and companionship when done in groups
  • reduces and prevents arthritis joint swelling and pain

HOW TO OBSERVE #SeniorHealthFitnessDay

Find an event near you. You can even explore options online and start a fitness routine at home. Pick one that fits your needs. Do you currently have a fitness routine that keeps you going strong? Share it using #SeniorHealthFitnessDay to post on social media.


The Mature Market Resource Center, a national information clearinghouse for the older adult market, organizes National Senior Health & Fitness Day as a public-private partnership.

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