Florida Executive Order Effective May 4 Regarding COVID-19

Florida Executive Order #20-112 Effective May 4 Regarding COVID-19

(Phase 1: Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery)

WHEREAS, on March 9, 2020, I issued Executive Order 20-52 declaring a state of
emergency for the entire State of Florida as a result of COVID-19; and
WHEREAS, on April 3, 2020, I issued Executive Order 20-91 and Executive Order
20-92 directing all persons in Florida to limit their movements and personal interactions outside
of their home only to those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential
activities; and
WHEREAS, my administration has implemented a data-driven strategy devoted to
high-volume testing and aggressive contact tracing, as well as strict screening protocols in
long-term care facilities to protect vulnerable residents; and
WHEREAS, data collected by the Florida Department of Health indicates the State
has achieved several critical benchmarks in flattening the curve, including a downward
trajectory of hospital visits for influenza-like illness and COVID-19-like syndromic cases,
a decrease in percent positive test results, and a significant increase in hospital capacity
since March 1, 2020; and
WHEREAS, during the week of April 20, 2020, I convened the Task Force to ReOpen
Florida to evaluate how to safely and strategically re-open the State; and
WHEREAS, the path to re-opening Florida must promote business operation and
economic recovery while maintaining focus on core safety principles.

THEREFORE, I, RON DESANTIS, as Governor of Florida, by virtue of
the authority vested in me by Article IV, Section (l)(a) of the Florida Constitution and
Chapter 252, Florida Statutes, and all other applicable laws, promulgate the following
Executive Order:
Section 1. Phase 1 Recovery
In concert with the efforts of President Donald J. Trump and the White House
Coronavirus Task Force, and based on guidance provided by the White House and the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA), and the Florida Surgeon General and State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Rivkees, I hereby
adopt the following in response to the recommendations in Phase 1 of the plan published by the
Task Force to Re-Open Florida.

Section 2. Responsible Individual Activity
A. All persons in Florida shall continue to limit their personal interactions outside the
home; however, as of the effective date of this order, persons in Florida may provide
or obtain:
1. All services and activities currently allowed, i.e., those described in
Executive Order 20-91 and its attachments, which include activities detailed
in Section 3 of Executive Order 20-91, the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security in its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce
and a list propounded by Miami-Dade County in multiple orders (as of April
1, 2020), as well as other services and activities approved by the State
Coordinating Officer. Such services should continue to follow safety
guidelines issued by the CDC and OSHA. If necessary, employee screening
or use of personal protective equipment should continue.Additional services responsibly provided in accordance with Sections 3 and
4 of this order in counties other than Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.
In Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, allowances for services
and activities from Sections 3 and 4 of this order will be considered in
consultation with local leadership.
B. Except as provided in Section 2(A)( I) of this order, senior citizens and individuals
with a significant underlying medical condition (such as chronic lung disease,
moderate-to-severe asthma, serious heart conditions, immuno compromised status,
cancer, diabetes, severe obesity, renal failure and liver disease) are strongly
encouraged to stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure to
C. For the duration of this order, all persons in Florida should:
l. A void congregating in large groups. Local jurisdictions shall ensure that
groups of people greater than ten are not permitted to congregate in any public
space that does not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing.
2. A void nonessential travel, including to U.S. states and cities outside of
Florida with a significant presence ofCOVID-19.
3. Adhere to guidelines from the CDC regarding isolation for 14 days
following travel on a cruise or from any international destination and any
area with a significant presence of COVID-19.
D. This order extends Executive Order 20-80 (Airport Screening and Isolation) and
Executive Order 20-82 (Isolation of lndividuals Traveling to Florida), with
exceptions for persons involved in military, emergency, health or infrastructure
response or involved in commercial activity. This order extends Sections 1 (C) and
1 (D) of Executive Order 20-86 (Additional Requirements of Certain Individuals
Traveling to Florida), which authorize the Department of Transportation, with
assistance from the Florida Highway Patrol and county sheriffs, to continue to
implement checkpoints on roadways as necessary.

Section.3. Businesses Restricted by Previous Executive Orders
Unless I direct otherwise, for the duration of this order, the following applies to
businesses directly addressed by my previous Executive Orders:
A. Bars, pubs and nightclubs that derive more than 50 percent of gross revenue from the
sale of alcoholic beverages shall continue to suspend the sale of alcoholic beverages
for on-premises consumption. This provision extends Executive Order 20-68,
Section I as modified by Executive Order 20-71 , Sections I and 2.
B. Restaurants and food establishments licensed under Chapters 500 or 509, Florida
Statutes, may allow on-premises consumption of food and beverage, so long as they
adopt appropriate social distancing measures and limit their indoor occupancy to no
more than 25 percent of their building occupancy. In addition, outdoor seating is
permissible with appropriate social distancing. Appropriate social distancing
requires maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between parties, only seating parties of
10 or fewer people and keeping bar counters closed to seating. This provision
extends Executive Order 20-68, Section 3 and supersedes the conflicting provisions
of Executive Order 20-71 , Section 2 regarding on-premises food consumption.
C. Gyms and fitness centers closed by Executive Order 20-71 shall remain closed.
0 . The prohibition on vacation rentals in Executive Order 20-87 remains in effect for
the duration of this order.
E. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation shall utilize its authorities
under Florida law to implement and enforce the provisions of this order as

Section 4. Other Affected Business Services
Unless I direct otherwise, for the duration of this order, the following applies to other
business services affected by my previous Executive Orders:
A. In-store retail sales establishments may open storefronts if they operate at no more
than 25 percent of their building occupancy and abide by the safety guidelines
issued by the CDC and OSHA.
B. Museums and libraries may open at no more than 25 percent of their building
occupancy, provided, however, that (a) local public museums and local public
libraries may operate only if permitted by local government, and (b) any
components of museums or libraries that have interactive functions or exhibits,
including child play areas, remain closed.

Section 5. Medical Procedures
Subject to the conditions outlined below, elective procedures prohibited by Executive
Order 20-72 may resume when this order goes into effect. A hospital ambulatory surgical center,
office surgery center, dental office, orthodontic office, endodontic office or other health care
practitioners’ office in the State of Florida may perform procedures prohibited by Executive
Order 20-72 only if:
A. The facility has the capacity to immediately convert additional facility-identified
surgical and intensive care beds for treatment of COVID-19 patients in a surge
capacity situation;
B. The facility has adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to complete all
medical procedures and respond to COVID-19 treatment needs, without the facility
seeking any additional federal or state assistance regarding PPE supplies;
C. The facility has not sought any additional federal, state, or local government
assistance regarding PPE supplies since resuming elective procedures; and
D. The facility has not refused to provide support to and proactively engage with skilled
nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and other long-term care residential
The Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Health shall utilize their
authority under Florida law to further implement and enforce these requirements. This order
supersedes the conflicting provisions of Executive Order 20-72.

Section 6. Previous Executive Orders Extended
The Executive Order 20-69 (Local Government Public Meetings) is extended for the
duration of this order.

Section 7. Enforcement
This order shall be enforced under section 252.47, Florida Statutes. Violation of this
order is a second-degree misdemeanor pursuant to section 252.50, Florida Statutes, and is
punishable by imprisonment not to exceed 60 days, a fine not to exceed $500, or both.

Section 8. Effective Date
This order is effective at 12 :0 I a.m. on May 4, 2020.




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