Remedy a Need – That is the Key

***** 5 STARS I would like to share some special words about how I feel about Atlantic In-Home Care. I am grateful for the care that my special needs son. At first I was scared as any mother would be. Like in every thing in life nothing lasts forever. So when changes occurred Keri, and Analia would always return my calls and helped to remedy a need if they were able. That is the key. When you have someone that will listen. and then their might be compromise on the side of the company and you as the parent or care taker it makes me feel happy. The caretaker my son has are two and he loves them and they love him. I am grateful. Thank you for doing your best for my little 26 yr old boy! With thanks and respect. Norma M. and Kenny boy!!!! Happy Easter and Keep safe Gary and Company!

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